The Story So Far…

In 1956, a new Anglican Church was founded to meet the needs of the flourishing south end of St. Catharines. First established at Lady Spencer Churchill School, the Church of the Transfiguration moved to its current location and new building in December 1959.


In 1983, the original church building was remodeled. In 1985, Transfiguration partnered with the Ontario Housing Corporation to construct a low-income senior’s apartment building: The Transfiguration Terrace. The twelve-unit apartment building is administered by a board of church members. Residents are encouraged to participate in Transfiguration events and are invited to attend a Christmas celebration.

The Church space is used by a number of community groups, including Compassionate Friends and The YMCA Early Years (each Thursday morning).

Transfiguration Building Project Committee

This committee was created in Oct 2010 with a mandate to prepare plans for a building expansion that includes classrooms, offices, accessible washrooms, improved heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), an expanded fireside room, revamped entrances, increased parking, audio/visual upgrades, increased storage and to deal with outstanding deficiencies of past decennial building inspections. At present, the committee meets as needed to oversee the architectural plans and to prepare for tenders and the selection of a contractor.

At Annual Vestry 2011 and at a Special Vestry, May 2011 the committee was authorized to expend $50,000 for the development of detailed plans. Bishop’s approval for the project was given in June 2011.

The committee is chaired by Peter Van Caulart. Committee members include the Rector, a representative of Parish Corporation, a parish council representative, a member of the portfolio advisory committee, a member of the Bishop’s building advisory committee and 3-4 dedicated parishioners.

Since July 2011, delays due to electrical design code requirements and the need to install a temporary replacement service line have hindered plans submission to the City. In December 2011, a failure of the aged heating system boilers necessitated a rethinking of the future heating system so that equipment purchased to provide heat now could be incorporated into the new design. Presently a redesign for plans submission is moving to completion.

In the near term, finalized plans have been submitted for City approval and we are awaiting the issuance of a building permit.


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