Sunday Morning Children’s Program

Sunday Morning Children’s Report

Our experiment with augmented mixed curriculum continues to go well. We have the three groups – Scramblers for the 3-5 year-olds, Climbers for 6-8 year-olds and Explorers for the 9-11 years olds. As expected, the highest attendance is in the two youngest groups. The bulk of our Children’s Program involves age-specific class groups, but we have had some large groups activities and special workshops.

Specifically, each class made soup and we had our traditional Soup-er Sunday fundraiser, where we raised about $140 dollars for Free the Children at the end of November. The Children’s Program was involved in the Advent Service on December 9th which featured a re-telling of part of the Christmas story, highlighted by “hyperactive sheep” and “angels with attitude”. We took a week off between Christmas and New Years’, but got together for a special Epiphany party, complete with Christmas crackers (for the crowns) and “Kings Bread” with honey butter. During the fun, we even found time to talk about what Epiphany is and tell the story of the Magi and their visit to the baby Jesus.

The children seem to have embraced the newer format, and they come right into the Fellowship Hall and see what’s new in the Quiet Corner, before we gather for our opening. Our openings vary, for example, during Advent we had a special candle with greenery that we used as an Advent wreath and did the same lighting prayers that were used in Church, and last Sunday we came into Church at the beginning so we could see and hear the piper.

Many thanks to Susan and Michael Lombarczki, Maggie Sainty, Linda O’Halloran, Roxanna Burlacu, Jo-Anne Lynagh, Donna Felker and Beth Kerley for all of their help and support in making this Children’s Program run!

f.r.o.G. (fully relying on God) Report

The f.r.o.G. group continues to be a strong support and peer group for our young teens. We have a core group of about eight young people (mostly girls), and we continue to meet every other Friday evening. Our Book Sale has raised over $30 dollars so far, and we just received a few large donations of books, so we now have quite a collection and are planning a special January promotion.

Buoyed by our success with the Halloween party, we offered a “Polar Express” party, just for children in December. We didn’t have quite the same numbers, but those in attendance enjoyed the movie, and especially enjoyed the chocolate dipped marshmallows (hot chocolate stirrers).

Along the way, we have been strengthening our friendships, and exploring what it means to be brave, loyal, faithful and to be a Christian in today’s world. We have used videos, like the series “Kings” and the movie “The Blind Side” to help us frame our conversations. Right now our big plans involve planning for our sleepover, tentatively booked for the 15th-16th of February, and a baked potato lunch to be held on Vestry Sunday (permission pending). We also have at least one (possibly 2) of our members considering YLTP. Special thanks to Terri MacPherson and Erin Bryans for their help in f.r.o.G.


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