Announcements for June 25, 2017

Please Join Us

Sunday, June 24, plan to attend our Summer Kick-off BBQ and Potluck today after the 10:30 a.m. service.

Social/Coffee Hour

Please note that starting in July during Social/Coffee hour there will be cold refreshing drinks served only.

Garden Volunteers

We need help maintaining our Community Garden. In the early part of the summer (June/July) this consists mostly of weeding and watering. As of August we start to switch over to harvesting and delivering the produce to Community Care. Please have a look at your calendar and see what weeks you are available to help. Thanks!

Summer heat and air conditioning

It is that time of the year when our building can become warm and humid by 10:30 on Sundays. When the temperature in the sanctuary is 24C (75F) or higher we usually turn the air conditioning on. As with last year we will use the oscillating feature which spreads the cool air rather than it coming down in one area only. The sanctuary system is manually controlled and generally is only needed Sunday mornings. This process may result in the sanctuary being a little too hot for some and a little too cold for others. The outside chairs are usually in warmer zones while the middle chairs are cooler. Depending upon your preference, you may have to adjust where you sit.

Note that the office wing and fireside room are on separate systems and are programmed to accommodate various activities during the week for both heating and cooling. Often the fireside room will feel cool until it fills with people.

Please bring a sweater! To be comfortable with the air conditioning.

Summer Office Hours

Please note that the office will be closed on Fridays for the months of July and August. Announcements deadline is Wednesday 11 a.m.

Parishioner Update

Nancy Patterson is still recovering and has now been moved back to Port Colborne Hospital. If you are in the area and would like to visit, she is in 2 west room #41. She would be pleased to see you.

Prayer Shawl Group

Please join us on the 3rd Monday of each month to knit Prayer Shawls. Next Session: Monday, July 17 at 1:00p.m. The yarn is supplied all you need to do is come with your own knitting needles and knit. If you have any question please direct them to Barbara Vorstenbosch 905-227-7818

Anyone who knows someone who would benefit from having a prayer shawl please speak to Pam to make the arrangements.


Coffee Reminder

Please consider making a free will offering so that we can continue to serve Fair Trade Coffee.

Craft Group Sessions

Sessions will resume in the fall.