One Thing

Bishop Susan Bell has invited each us to find at least ‘one thing’
that will help you grow as a disciple of Christ. Between now and our November synod, your ‘one thing’ may be to read a spiritually inspiring book, learn a new spiritual practice, attend a silent retreat, or launch a parish-wide program. Whatever you choose, the bishop hopes it will be a practice that is new for you and spiritually invigorating.

Life is busy and so we encourage you to be intentional about dedicating some time to reconnect anew with God’s love. Bishop Susan has appointed a One Thing Team to help support and resource this initiative. There is a One Thing webpage ( and Facebook page. Once you have decided on your One Thing please fill out a One Thing Pledge Card found at the back of your church or on the webpage. Drop it on the collection plate or in the church office, send it back to the diocese or simply email our One Thing to There are many wonderful events, posted on the webpage, that are happening in the diocese which may help you decide on your One Thing. Blessings on your journey of spiritual growth!

Insights to Impact

On Tues, March 26 (1:30 to 3:30 p.m.) there will be a city-wide ‘Insights to Impact’ meeting at SouthRidge Community church. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss how Christian ministries can better understand and respond to the needs of our city. If you would be interested in joining our church’s delegation, please speak to Cathie.

Yard Sale

Upcoming Yard Sale Saturday, May 25th

Heads up: we accept glassware, china, linens, games, kitchenware, household goods, books (no texts), tapes, puzzles, toys, jewelry, shoes, boots, tools purses, garden items, plants small working appliances, all in clean and working condition. We do not accept large furniture items or clothing items. More info to follow when closer to the event.