August 12, 2018

Prayer Cards

Throughout this journey of life there are times when we need some prayer and would like someone to pray with us. Should you find yourself in this situation, pick up one of the above cards (at the back of the church by the sermon notes) and hold it in your hand when you come up for communion and Cathie will be happy to pray with you and for you.




Lets all celebrate!!! After a lengthy battle dealing with government red tape and tons of emails and phone calls we can finally rest! Our Columbarium has officially been approved and licensed. A Special Thank you to Barbara Sainty for the many hours you dedicated to this and to everyone else who had a part in this . Thank You! Thank you all for your prayers and for the time spent conversing with the governing parties.




Audio Video Team

Currently, we only have two teams of two people, but we really need four teams. Please consider joining the group, knowing that any unintentional errors are always forgiven. Please speak to Sandra or Donald if you are interested in this opportunity. The best way to start would be to spend time observing in the AV booth.



Offering Counting

We need your help counting after the gifts and offerings have been received, speak to Kelly Twerdy or Charmaine Herman.


Prayers of the People

The Prayers of the People binder is updated on a weekly basis, should you wish to add a name to the binder mid-week please contact the office either through email or telephone.




Education For Ministry

We are excited to be able to offer EfM in Niagara Falls. Anita is a trained EfM mentor who will be supported by Martha Tatarnic and Scott McLeod as well as Peter Davison who is our diocesan EfM coordinator. Education for Ministry (EfM) is a program of theological education (not bible study) for ordinary Christians. Participants meet in small groups with a trained mentor, usually weekly from September to June. EfM combines academic study and an ethos of living out a vibrant baptismal ministry in the church and in the world. EfM is being offered in Niagara Falls at 8320 Oakwood Drive Niagara Falls L2G 0J7 beginning September 10 at 7:00 p.m. This will be an initial session; following dates and times will be mutually agreed upon. The cost is $350 per year (or approximately $12 per week). For more information and to register, contact Anita Djurkovic at 289-228-7761 or by email:

Flowers In The Sanctuary

For those who wish to place flowers in the sanctuary, please sign up on the bulletin board in the front foyer.